Approach and objectives

The State wishes to consult the market of national and international operators and investors within the framework of a call for ideas in order to find operators ready to develop a project of economic, touristic and/or cultural reassignment for Clairvaux Abbey, while committing to protecting its heritage as well as its historic and architectural character.

This call for ideas is an innovative procedure. The intention is not to select an acquirer or lessee of the real estate concerned. It should be regarded as a precursor to a potential call for proposals, which could allow the State to make known its intention to cede or lease its property.

The call for ideas is therefore neither an official sales process, competition, or bid

Who can participate in the call for ideas ?

The call for ideas is open to operators in the economic, real estate, tourism and cultural sectors. The bidders can participate alone or in a team of associates with complementary skills.

Participation in this call for ideas will not entitle you to any remuneration or reimbursement.


You have until April 15, 2020 to submit your ideas.

If your preregistration is accepted:

You will have access to the data room containing technical and historical documentation so you can formulate your idea in accordance with the framework set forth in the procedure’s rules.

The state can organize a visit to the abbey. However, these visits are subject to heavy security constraints and thus require a procedure for acceptance in advance.